As an executive coach, I help you take action in order to become a leader in your own life, developing and transforming your growth in the direction that you want to go.


I want to help you live a life that is not dictated by what society imposes on you but rather what you want for yourself in accordance to your values.  


Mine is a holistic approach. My leadership training and coaching pervades both your professional and personal life, creating long-lasting change in order for you to live an authentic and purposeful existence.

How I can help:

  • 1- 1 and group coaching - 1-1 or group coaching provides you with the personal attention that you might require. During these sessions, we will dive deep into the goals you (truly!) want to achieve and create a personalized plan for you, and provide you with practical, easy-to-use tools and techniques to achieve your goals. 

  • Seminars and workshops - touching on topics such as confidence, assertiveness, women empowerment, negotiation, communication, and executive presence and many more, I run online and in-person seminars and workshops to help you grow your leadership skills in your professional and personal life. 


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See what others say about TAYLOR GRACE Consultancy:


Linda Felton, Founder

Law Firm in London

Fern was one of those gifted people that I have had the fortune to encounter while setting up my business, and I have benefitted in many ways from her skills as a coach. First and foremost, I would praise Fern for her extraordinary listening skills. She lets you explain what issues you want to work with, and her feedback drives the conversation forward with remarkable focus and vision. She is efficient. On top of that, her intellect and imagination will benefit any company that has reached a stage where it is examining its values and looking to develop its identity and to positions itself in the business world. Fern’s experience gives her unique insight, and her empathy means that her coaching brings tangible results.

Genevieve Mariner, Director

Strettons Ltd, Surveying and Auctioneering firm

The work that I have been doing with Fern is invaluable as after having achieved my goal of becoming a Director, I found that I was suddenly without the next goal. Despite enjoying my new role, I felt a little displaced and without a clear path. Fern has been fantastic at gently guiding me to re-evaluate my role, position and future career. I found her coaching methods and style useful because ultimately I knew what I wanted from my career as Director but Fern helped me put that into words and actions. She has also gone on to conduct in-house seminars for our firm which has been well received.


Cindy L.,

US Attorney

Fern has been an excellent coaching resource. Her listening skills, patience, and flexibility make her a wonderful coach to work with. Moreover, her ability to hone in on the problem areas and ask probing questions has helped guide me down a clearer path toward finding the balance that I seek from my career and personal life. I highly recommend her coaching services.

Emily D., Solicitor

City of London firm

My sessions with Fern have been hugely beneficial: through working with her, and with her help, I have become more confident and better equipped to focus on achieving both professional and personal goals. She is an exceptional coach with tremendous energy and insightfulness, and I have found our sessions immensely helpful. I would highly recommend her!

Jeannie R, Entrepreneur

I had a series of business coaching with Fern. Right from the beginning, I was totally impressed with her, and the help she provided has been invaluable both in my private and my business life.  She never wavers in her support and commitment and I regard her coaching as being top-class.  Throughout, she has been the complete professional, discreet and dependable.  She’s my ‘go-to’ coach! I would strongly recommend Fern to everyone.    


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