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About Me

I am passionate about helping men and women succeed, by empowering them to grow in their own personal and professional journeys, helping them behave with integrity and dignity and gaining the respect that they deserve.


I combine my strong corporate background with my personal experiences to help you navigate the murky waters of the professional and personal life.


I give you simple, right-sized strategies that you can easily use to help you reach your career and personal goals. Teaching practical and executable tactics, I combine the innovative thinking of the professional with your innate nature as a person without compromising either.


I believe in eloquent solutions – the most effective strategies share the traits of simplicity and clarity.


Success can be attained without losing your integrity. Instead, I believe in building strategies and solutions for the modern professional that is effective by design – my processes are built to run in the background.


With focused, clear and simple methods, I provide individuals with a way to gain a foothold in this world without compromising their values. 


They are refined.

They are simple.

They are repeatable.

They are effective.        

Fern Lee


As a lawyer with 12 years in the legal industry, and a coach and consultant for the last 5 years, I understand what is required to succeed in the corporate and business world. As a trained coach, I am able to tap into her knowledge and experience to provide clients with a winning solution. 


After 12 years as a practicing lawyer in Singapore and the UK, I founded TAYLOR GRACE Consultancy to help professional women and men grow and flourish in their professional and personal lives without compromising their integrity.



  • Bachelor of Law, University College London (LL.B (Honours))

  • Barrister, Middle Temple

  • Qualified solicitor (UK) 

  • Qualified lawyer (Singapore) 

  • Qualified coach, Academy of Executive Coaching, UK.