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Grow your Confidence 
Learn how to
  • Start working on your goals without hesitation or self-doubt
  • Grow your confidence so that you have it every day
  • (not just some of the time)
  • Get back up again when your confidence takes a hit
  • Believe in yourself
  • Not care what others think of you

Do you:


  • stop yourself from doing what you want because you aren't confident in your own abilities?


  • worry about what others think?


  • feel that you need to put others' needs before your own, or else you are wracked with guilt and self-doubt?


  • believe that you will fail and therefore cannot move forward on your dreams and goals?


  • feel like you don't add value to those around? 

  • second- guess your decisions all the time? 

We have all experienced a lack of confidence, confidence that we need to take our lives forward. 


We stop ourselves from taking action even before we begin because we convince ourselves that we can't do it or are undeserving of success. We even have evidence to back it up! 


As a result, we are in this holding pattern, unable to move forward in achieving our goals, yet dissatisfied with our lack of achievement.


WHAT IF I told you that you are complete as you are now and that you have everything that you need to succeed? 

WHAT IF I told you that you can gain the confidence you need through the daily practice of a set easy-to-use of tools and exercises?


In this course, I will share with you the tools and techniques that will help you:


  • grow your confidence so that you always have enough to face the world every day 

  • build resilience so that you can recover from setbacks, big and small

  • see yourself as worthy of success and capable of the things you want to accomplish

  • discover the goals and dreams you want to achieve

  • gain the confidence mindset in order to start working on your goals and dreams

  • stay focused on creating a plan that will help you succeed

  • execute the plan to help you achieve your goals and dreams

  • continue to be motivated and persistent even when you don't feel like moving forward

  • take action straightaway without procrastination



OVERVIEW of the course:




















What some of my past clients say about me



Genevieve Mariner, Director

Strettons Ltd, Surveying and Auctioneering firm

The work that I have been doing with Fern is invaluable as after having achieved my goal of becoming a Director, I found that I was suddenly without the next goal. Despite enjoying my new role, I felt a little displaced and without a clear path. Fern has been fantastic at gently guiding me to re-evaluate my role, position and future career. I found her coaching methods and style useful because ultimately I knew what I wanted from my career as Director but Fern helped me put that into words and actions. She has also gone on to conduct in-house seminars for our firm which has been well received.


Emily D., Solicitor

City of London firm

My sessions with Fern have been hugely beneficial: through working with her, and with her help, I have become more confident and better equipped to focus on achieving both professional and personal goals. She is an exceptional coach with tremendous energy and insightfulness, and I have found our sessions immensely helpful. I would highly recommend her!



Jeannie R, Entrepreneur


I took a business coaching course with Fern. Right from the beginning,  I was totally impressed with her and the help she provided, has been invaluable both in my private and my business life.  She never wavers in her support and commitment and I regard her coaching as being top-class.  Throughout, she has been completely professional, discreet and dependable.  She’s my ‘go-to’ coach! I would strongly recommend Fern to everyone.    




I will share my step-by-step action plan which you can start on immediately without procrastination, guilt or fear.

Join me on this 4-week course to gain the Confidence mindset that you desire and put into action all that we have learned. If you have any questions, email me at and I will get back to you within 1 day.


I look forward to meeting you on this course!

~ Fern Lee

Transformation Coach



Early bird fee of US$150

(purchase by 28 August 2019)

Usual fee of US$300 when purchased after 28 August 2019

Dates and times of training sessions online:
Tuesdays - Sept 3, 10, 17 and 24
@ 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern (60 minutes)
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Can't attend the sessions? Just watch the recordings. 
Each session is recorded and will be emailed to you within 1 day

If you have any questions about the course you can email me at


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For a short introduction to the course, play the video below (10 mins long)

Week 3


Create a step-by-step practical plan to incorporate into your daily routine to boost your self-confidence and achieve your goals.

Week 4


Implement the plan you have drawn up with useful everyday strategies to make sure you are on task. Learn what your motivations are and how to bounce back from setbacks.

Week 1

Acquire the Confidence mindset using practical tools and exercises to achieve this. Set expectations that are realistic and achievable.

Week 2


Overview of professional and personal goals. Discover what type of personality you are. Learn your strengths and weaknesses are and what working style works for you.