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Negotiation Skills

East & West - Coporate Diplomacy


Negotiation is a vital and important skill, necessary in business and personal life. Whether you are navigating the business world or your private life, learning the art and science in negotiation will stand you in good stead, from interacting with your colleagues to getting heard in business meetings. Learn how to get what you want without giving too much away. 


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Providing the necessary support for tech organizations and law firms who already have Chinese and Asian employees and want the support that comes with a diverse staff, or you wish to expand into the East, EAST & WEST is a program for in-depth learning about the business (and personal) nuances of the Chinese culture. 


Teaching the Harvard method of negotiation coupled with real-life simulations and experiences, this hands-on program will give you a point of view you have not experienced before. Intense with real-time feedback, we will ensure that you are ready for business out East, whether it is your first or hundredth time.


In association with the Negotiation Lab and Samuel Passow, award winning journalist, author and academic, this 1 or 2 day program with a required minimum of 8 attendees features negotiation simulations, requiring full-on participation in the negotiation exercises and discussions. It is an in-depth group program with the option of additional 1 to 1 or group coaching if so required. 


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1/2 to 2 day program


At your offices or a neutral location


Any time