Winning Strategies for Increasing your Client Base

January 16, 2017


Happy New Year!
I hope that you had a good break, and that the start of the New Year so far has been good. I took some time off over Christmas and New Year to think about what I really want for my business, and how I was going to move forward in 2017. Call it a New Year’s resolution if you will, but I like to use the start of the New Year to (re-)think and update my strategy for my business, evaluate whether my current strategy is still working for my business. The break has been very useful to give me a clearer perspective. As you know, the grindstone can leave little room for clarity and clear thought. The holiday break gave me that much needed breath of fresh air.
One question that keeps coming up was how I could serve my clients better. This exercise has led me to wonder just who my clients are exactly. I felt, after some soul searching, that knowing who my clients are would lead me to know what their specific needs are better hence being able to serve them better as their lawyer. Time to do some drilling down into my
So I thought it would be a good time to ask what your thoughts are for your own business strategy? I know some lawyers don’t always think of their firm or their clientele as business, that they are practising the law not doing business. But whether you are a managing or senior partner in a firm or a practising lawyer in private practice, having a strategy is vital to building and maintaining your own client base and in turn, the firm’s client base. Building and maintaining your client base is also vital to the advancement of your career – a promotion or growth of the firm is based partly on the size of your client base and the profits that are raised from it.
There are a few thoughts I’ve had on strategies for my own business which I would like to share with you. Perhaps there would one or two that would help with your own practice.

  1. Motivate the team. You might think it contradictory focussing on your team before the clients, but whether you have an army of lawyers under your wing or it’s just you with a legal secretary and a receptionist, your clients and potential clients will encounter your receptionist, secretary even junior lawyers first if you are senior in rank. Your team represents and reflects on you and your law firm’s ability to provide them with good service. So provide the right motivation for your team to ensure a flawless service for your potential and current clients.

  2. Plan out which kinds of clients you want to attract. The kind of clients you want to attract is key to building and maintaining a solid client base. So before going out to network, ask who will be the best client for you? Be specific because by doing so potential clients are easily identifiable and you see if you have the necessary skills to help them thus providing impeccable service.

  3. Plan your ‘find new clients’ strategy. Be sure to get out there and circulate. Whether it is having lunch or drinks with current clients, or whether you go out to make new connections, putting it in the calendar is key. This ensures you devote the appropriate amount of time to cultivating new clients. Ensure that your potential clients or referrers will at the events you select.

  4. Ask to be recommended. Convey your plan and strategy to your team and your carefully chosen clients. Talk to them about your targets for 2017 and who you hope to attract. I have always found asking for help or even being introduced to someone who knows someone goes a long way. People would love to help and see you succeed.

I hope that the above suggestions spark some ideas for you in planning your business strategy for your practice. Here's to a profitable 2017!


If you would like to come up with a solid strategy but don't know where to start, let me help. We can devise an implementable plan for increasing your clientele tailored for your law practice. Email me for a no obligation consultation: with Consultation in the subject-matter.
Taylor Grace Consultancy will also be releasing its first training video on streamlining your client building efforts. Look out for it. Sign up here to be the first to receive it.

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